The advantages of designing an SEO-friendly website

Aug 12, 2019 4:46:36 PM / by Mari Muthu

the advantages of seo friendly website

You must have heard of the word “SEO-friendly” or “SEO- friendly website” but what does it mean and how can it help you grow your business?

Why SEO- friendly website?

An SEO friendly website is the one which is easier for search engines to crawl and understand the structure and its content.

It mostly corresponds to the screen size, platform, and orientation. The response rate of the website to the user’s preference should be quick thus eliminating the need for a different design and development for each new gadget.

Today with most of the web browsers just checking the first page and never moving to the subsequent pages of the search engine results, it becomes very important for a website to be properly aligned in such a way that the results are easily identified and indexed in the best possible way.

Some of the important characteristics of a Search engine optimization friendly websites are:

  • Unique titles and description for all pages
  • The URL’s are well formatted
  • Fast loading web pages
  • Unique content
  • Contains images that are optimized for search engines
  • Pages with a meaningful structure and many more.

Most of the owners of the website do not enjoy the benefits of responsive web design because of not having optimized web design. It becomes vital to boost your SEO strategy to improve your rankings on SERPs (Search engine result page).

And selecting the best SEO services can help you achieve this at a very fast rate.

Let's look into some of the most important benefits of designing an SEO- friendly website.

  • Easily adaptable in various mediums:

 An SEO friendly website is easily adaptable in different screens sizes whether it is a tablet, Smartphone or laptop.

It is very vital for almost every website to be easily adaptable to different users. This makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your websites' content.

If you don't have a responsive website, search engines will have to crawl and index through various versions of your website to ensure its functions on other devices.

  • Mobile-friendly versions:

As per a study, almost 60 % of Google search is done by Smartphone users only. The number of mobile users will continue to grow in the coming time.

Hence it is recommended to adapt your website to be, more responsive to mobile services to increase the SEO ranking.

  • Improvement in the speed rate:

For the better ranking of your website, you need to pay close attention to the speed rate of the loading pages.

With the coming of better speed internet connectivity, people want the website pages to load instantly. If your website is taking more than one minute to load, then you have got a problem.

People don't want to wait longer. And with more options on their side to access they would probably go elsewhere.

With poor online experience, the chances of the return rate of target customers get reduced.

By ensuring an SEO- friendly website from an experienced SEO Agency in Dubai, you can increase the speed of your website for your customers on any device.

  • Reduction in bounce rates:

Bounce rate is the frequency of your target customers who navigate away from your website after viewing one page. In a couple of seconds, thousands of websites are opening at the same time.

Bounce rate is completely depended on your website services or online experience of users.

This is crucial for increasing your SEO ranking as the rankings are based on the bounce rates of your website.

Un-Responsive web design can lead to higher bounce rates.

By having a better quality web design, you can be assured of your visitors to stick around for a longer time.

  • Using back links:

Link building strategy is a crucial part of building an SEO- friendly website.

Most of the SEO Company in Dubai focuses on link building strategies while building a responsive website for their clients.

It is a very effective technique which helps in improving the rank of a website within a short period.

Google takes these back links as a reference for the high-quality content that you are providing your users.  And this boosts your SERP rankings.

While applying back links you should focus on the quality rather than quantity as it is the top-notch quality back links which will help improve the performance of the websites.

For those who are having multiple domains, it becomes difficult to concentrate on a single website.

Building the links on a single domain can not only improve the responsiveness of the website but also boost the Search engine optimization at the same time.

This includes ensuring that the business and local listings are always the same.

  • Cost-effective:

When it comes to improving the ranking of a site, people tend to spend lots of money on PPC advertisements of costly digital marketing techniques which becomes a way to expensive.

By having a responsive design, you will able to improve the rank of your site.

There are many experienced SEO services in Dubai, who can help you establish an SEO friendly website which will give a clean and effective customer experience

  • Improved user experience:

Having a responsive web design can lead to better user experience. Make sure that your visitors can access the website without facing any difficulty.

If the visitors can get the specific contents that they looking for on your website, then it will increase the amount of time a user spends on your site.

People usually do not leave websites that they are enjoying.

 As per the Google algorithm goes, the ranking of a website depends on the content, responsive design among other important features.

  • Improved Return on investment:

With hiring professionals who can take care of your website, you can be assured of a good return on investments.

Basic SEO is not too costly. Thus with less investment, you can get higher returns, resulting in improved return on investment.

  • Social media share:

Although social media share is not a direct ranking factor, it thus helps in reaching out to a larger audience or increase followers.

Every website owner dreams of getting their content go viral across social media.

But it becomes almost impossible for users to share the contents is they cannot consume it on their smart phones.

There are many SEO Services in Dubai who can help you achieve effective results by creating a mobile responsive design for the website visitors, thus making it easier to share the contents on social media which could potentially help gain more visitors.

  • Access to previous data:

One of the reasons why the SEO Company in Dubai emphasis more on having an SEO-friendly website is the ability to track the site’s data in a much more efficient manner.

With an SEO-friendly site, you can not only record the frequency of guest visitors who have clicked on your site at random but can also determine the online source they have come from.

You can keep track of all the sales and purchases and determine which keywords have generated more traffic for you.

With the traceable results, you can improve your sales and business in the long run.

  • Consistent results:

SEO strategies are known to provide permanent and consistent results. It can boost your sales and increase your profits.

It can bring new customers and retain existing ones. It will also provide multiple ways to promote your product online so that you can reach potential customers more effectively.

  • Brand awareness:

Search results which come at the top of the list in Google search engines are known to be more credible compared to its peers.

Being on the top of the list implies that your site is relevant and according to the user's needs.

A site that is listed on the top for a long duration gains better awareness among internet users. A random user will always select one of the top searches as they are more trustworthy than the others.

Thus having an SEO-friendly website can help you achieve this and gain better credibility and awareness which will take your business to greater success.

  • Staying ahead of the competition:

To survive in today's competitive market it is important to avail every opportunity that comes your way and reap maximum benefits.

Today every successful business is improving its sales and optimizing its website design according to the requirements of the search engine.

Hence having an SEO friendly website, will help you stay in the business and compete with your rivals.

A responsive site will help you get more customers and better profits for your company.

Some business prefers to optimize their website on their own, while others opt for SEO services. No matter what approach you take, having an SEO friendly website is necessary to go take your business to new heights. With better profits and increased clientele, SEO has tremendous advantages to develop business. So get all the benefits and more by designing your website using SEO strategies and give your business a new direction.

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