The Importance of keyword research for SEO

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The importance of keyword research in SEO

The three important factors for SEO are

  1. Keyword research
  2. Link building
  3. Content marketing

Search engine optimisation is a vital online marketing technique to increase brand awareness by ensuring that your website ranks highly in search engine results. The better your SEO, the better your website will rank in the search engine result page.

First of all what are keywords actually?

The keywords are a single word or a tail-long phrases that searchers type into search engines to find the information they require.

What is keyword research and how and why is it important?

Keyword are signals that your customers use online when they search online and relevant keywords are used by search engines to provide relevant information. The keyword research is all about finding the right keywords that are most relevant to your business you wish to promote.

Finding the perfect keyword suitable for your business is the first and important stage of your SEO process as it determines what  your next step would be.

Based on not only the demand for a particular word or phrase, keyword research in SEO also helps you identify competitions for a particular phrase or a search term , which is important when your page is ranked by a search engine. By using a effective keyword research tools you will be able to determine what your customers are looking for and rank high in search engines for specific phrases. When your customers go to Google, they ask a question if you want to ride qualified traffic to your website, then you need to create content that meets the needs of your customers and answers their questions.

To determine if you are conducting good keyword research you should ask yourself several questions including :

  1. Are my keywords targeting what people are searching for ?
  2. Will the searcher find my site using these keywords to answer their questions?
  3. Will this traffic help me reach my business goals?

 Why keyword research matters?

  • Your customer search with keywords
  • Search engine uses keywords
  • Align needs of customer to get found online
  • Qualified traffic based on search intent

The thing is that if you target wrong keyword your business will  never make it to the top of the search engine rankings even if you do , then the amount of traffic you will receive from the keyword will be very low.

Many popular keywords are too competitive which creates a problem, means that too many people search for the keyword which will make it really difficult to get through your competition on the top.

 Another problem occurs when the keyword is less competitive. This means you can get much easier with it to the top of search engine but,  however the popularity of this keyword is very small and the volume of daily or monthly searches so less that you won’t get much traffic from it.

So basically what keywords you are looking for should have less competition and a good volume of daily or monthly searches , so you can make it easy with them to the top and get some nice targeted traffic to your website results.

But what is the key to outstanding SEO?

  1. Keyword Research
    • Keyword research is the cornerstone of SEO. Anyone familiar with SEO knows that search engine algorithms are forever changing, meaning constantly having to change your online marketing strategies. However , keyword research has proved to pretty consistent. As it turns out people tend to stick to certain words or phrases when searching online.
  1. Keyword research helps you find specific keywords
    • By learning what words and phrases your target audience use to find the products or services you offer , you can decide what content to include on your site. By focusing your page content on specific keywords or phrases you ensure a high rank in search engine results and so as more traffic to your page. But it’s not only about the most popular or ‘focus keywords ‘, more obscure but specific search terms can prove to be valuable too. Long tail keywords, for example, ‘cheap flight tickets ‘ is much more specific than flight tickets, but the former indicates a consumer who is much closer to making a decision and buying the tickets, than the latter who could just be browsing.

Keyword research can also help you in other ways

Keyword research can give you insights

  • Not only does keyword research helps generate more search engine hits , but also provides insights into your target audience.

Keyword research gives you content ideas

  • From a marketing perspective, keyword research can be used as a guide to your content marketing too.

  By doing keyword optimisation you will be able to drive free targeted traffic to your website, content, article, blog video etc..   As you will get visitors who were looking for the specific information provided by you using particular keywords for this purpose.

So what are the importance of keywords in effective online marketing ?

 You may have noticed that search engines like Yahoo, Google etc.. have been occupied for years by paid and free advertisement. Online marketers have always been battling for the top positions on those search engines for particular search phrases. The most successful ones that have achieved top listings and generate massive income from targeted traffic, done this by effective SEO process that begins right from keyword research.

How to find them?

Whether you are new to SEO, or a seasoned professional, you can appreciate the relevance and importance in obtaining the all-important keywords or phrases in your SEO efforts. The success of any SEO campaign is truly dependant on the quality of your research on these strategic words. In order to find those that will get you to the top of the search engines, you'll need to conduct your own research.

Keyword research tools are the best way to find keywords for your business . There are many free and paid ones available online. You can simply go to GOOGLE  or YAHOO and type in keyword research tool to find the one you need. Using the keyword research tool you can type in the keyword related to your business and the program will generate the list of related keywords together with the volume of daily or monthly searches for each one. After that you can copy the keyword from the list and paste to search engine like Google to check how many results it generates. The more results you get the more harder for you to market your business for this keyword will be.

 So what difference would the keyword research make for your business?

So from my perspective the good keyword for which you could easily get to the top of search engines, if you SEO your business properly is the one that will produce less than 1 million results with the volume of daily searches at least of 50. From  keywords like that you can get quite a decent traffic to your business.

Considering that your website’s rankings can make or break your business keyword research is incredibly important, and an effective keyword strategy whether through SEO or other marketing means, promises a high return.

Long-tail and one-word keywords

Tailoring your SEO campaigns around specific words or phrases will get you ranked higher and faster. These specific are known as longer-tail keywords. These are the specific ones that consumers are typing in to Google or other search engines when they are researching a product or service. Longer-tail keywords often tend to get less searches, but have higher conversions because the consumer tends to be looking for exactly what they are going to buy. Just think of your own online searches the more specific and detailed your inquiry, the more you are inclined  to find exactly what you are looking for and, eventually, purchase.

Another thing to remember about keywords is that to use long-tail keywords that are composed from at least two words. The single word search phrases are too general, less descriptive and too competitive to bother with them.

By using effective keyword research tools you can determine a profitable niche , find related markets and go up in search engine’s ranking. Which ultimately attracts more traffic to your site , promote your product and/or service by enhancing your effectiveness of marketing.


So , if you are serious about getting your website to the top, you should always do keyword research, because your search engine success depends on it. It takes time and some effort to do it however it's worth it as you can enjoy massive free traffic to your business later on and more sales in result.

It should be clear by now that keyword research is an imperative part of increasing your website traffic. There are a number of tools available out there to help you such as Keyword Planner , Marketing Samurai. So get searching and develop your business with a winning keyword strategy.conduct great keyword research by understanding the needs and questions of your audience.then you can build content to rank in search engines today!.

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