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Sep 16, 2016 11:50:37 AM / by Mubarak Basha

Online marketing strategyThe world of web is flooded with several resources on online marketing. Perhaps, many of the techniques contained in those resources will be helpful only for companies with the massive website and that carries the scope for large-scale experimentation. Online marketing guides that are simpler and easy-to-comprehend are very limited.

Below, we have come up with a 7-point guide on online marketing that will act as a ready reckoner for startup businesses and for brands that are about to kick-start their online marketing efforts for the very first time.

1. Staying focused on customers

The first step in Digital marketing is to identify customers want and expectations. When this is deciphered right, success is guaranteed in online marketing.For example, lets presume that a B2C company is venturing into digital marketing. As a complete consumer-centric company it has to identify its target market i.e. the kind of people using products belonging to the same category. The next step is to figure out their perceptions and expectations, the products that they are using at present and how to bring them into fold.It is necessary that businesses converse with their existing customers and get to know what they value much in that particular product.

2. Designing the marketing framework

Your marketing framework should clearly outline the marketing strategy using which your business is expected to position the brand in the competitive digital landscape. Don't give much emphasis on campaigns at this stage even though it is necessary. The marketing strategy devised should generate increased ROIs for the business and fuel growth. Be clear on the results that the business intends to achieve with respect to every marketing plan. Is right to fine tune the marketing strategy very often? Well, it depends. Before tweaking or making any major change in your marketing strategy, analyze the metrics corresponding to each marketing activity.

3. Building the Brand story

Positioning the brand in the right tone is extremely critical. Convey your brand story in common man's language so as to foster lasting relationship. A perfect brand story should speak about the following components.

  • How your business came into existence?
  • The evolution of product
  • Kind of customers who will derive maximum out of the brand
  • People who are crafting the success story of the brand
  • A short glimpse of the company's value and objectives
  • The underlying rationale that has motivated the company's presence online

4. Drive traffic to your website

As a business, you ought to take a call on how to drive traffic to your website. Whether through free or paid means. In order to drive traffic to your website, first figure out where your target audience can be found online. Is it in facebook, linkedin or twitter? The objective at this juncture is to drive prospective web traffic. You can either opt for free traffic or paid traffic. Free traffic is nothing but, driving traffic through referrals, blogs, and social media posts. Paid traffic generally is all about spending money to drive traffic through sponsored advertisement. There is a baseless claim which states that free traffic is better than paid traffic. In reality, it isn't the case. Both kinds of traffic acquisition demand some kind of investment or the other.

5. Connecting with audience through content marketing

Content marketing is yet another wonderful method to connect with the prospective customer base. The techniques involved in this style of marketing is all about enhancing the customer base by producing high-quality engaging content. Content marketing can be targeted at the entire conversion funnel, and should deploy techniques other than blogs too. One of the principle advantages of content marketing is the ability it gives to businesses to portray itself as a leading authority in their area of expertise by producing resourceful and thoughtful content.

6. Clinging on to social channels

These days it has become imperative for businesses to have a solid social media strategy in place. Social channels are considered to be very powerful when it comes to building customer engagement and in driving cross-segment traffic to the website. The social channels where your business intends to have a presence should be deciphered after taking several factors into consideration. Most specifically, social platforms that witness heavy traffic from your target audience.

7. Getting identified in SEO

Trying to grab the top slot in search rankings should be the objective of businesses armed with SEO strategy. Search engines generally scout for websites that provide the best of user experience to customers. Hence, the first priority for brands is to ensure a sound and user-friendly website with extraordinary and hassle-free navigation features. The second priority is to communicate search engines about the user-friendly features that the business has incorporated into the website, so that search engines accord necessary weight to it and rank accordingly.
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