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Jun 14, 2017 6:31:47 PM / by Mubarak Basha

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Digital marketing has taken the idea of product marketing to a whole new level. But somehow most digital marketing agencies see it beneficial to project it as a complicated concept that product owners will not be able to comprehend easily. This misdirection works well for digital marketing agencies because that way they get to maintain their exclusiveness. However, as the owner of an organization, since at some point you will eventually have to dabble with digital marketing, it is good to know some of its trade secrets. It will help you make an informed decision when choosing your digital marketing partner and the platforms that you would eventually use to market your products and services.

Leveraging your existing digital footprints

web redesigningYou might have a great website with a lot of information about your products and services. But one of the first things that a profit seeking digital marketing agency will do is to suggest revamping your website. To make your website more marketing friendly, it is not mandatory to completely redo your website. It is quite possible to optimize your website with slight changes in the existing content. Of course, it all depends on the current ranking of your website and other such statistics, but as someone considering employing professional digital marketing services, you should ask for a preliminary report of your website and try to understand the level of changes that need to be incorporated on it to optimize it best. Also remember that making a website flashy has nothing to do with optimizing it.

There is no defined path of digital success

digital marketing successEvery product and service is different and there cannot be any specific defined path of securing digital marketing success. Neither can the success of one company be exactly replicated in another since every business is different, has a unique target market and fluctuates under various market conditions. Therefore, a strategy which has worked for your competitor might not necessarily work for you.



The more the merrier is a flawed logic

digital marketing qualityIf your marketing content (website, banners, ads, etc.) is getting more hits, it does not necessarily imply that you are acquiring more customers. The quality of traffic or impressions as they are technically termed, is much more important to evaluate than the numbers. Good quality ads targeted to relevant audience generate the right leads. Also, understand that just because you have a large number of followers on a certain platform, it might not transpire to equal number of conversions. Again, the key here is – quality!


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