Top 5 SEO Predictions For 2017

May 10, 2017 3:12:29 PM / by Fazill

seo predictions 2017

When it arrived, it became an instant sensation. Changing our very fiber of existence, our reality. In tandem, our physical world was replaced by a foreign reality - the digital space. What seemed, almost interstellar, then has now become a way of life. Within a short span of the decade, the online space has dominated, both, our work and personal space. Everything we know and understand, today, happens online. Our decisions are driven by what we see on our screens. We invest, sell, choose and reject based on ratings we see online.

So, if you are a business striving to stay ahead in this online rat race, think fast and think smart. Equip yourself for new challenges and changes. Be attentive of the market trends and draft your plans accordingly. Keep revamping your strategies and stay in tune with what your consumer need, at all time. To make this process a tad bit easier for you, here is a list of SEO prediction for this year. Some might have already come true, while the others might be waiting to happen. Buckle up, and take notes:

  1. Get ready to hear! 'Voice searches' are in:

This year, the trend of voice recognition and command will peak. Folks who have become affluent with their ultra modern gadgets will now turn to speak into their phones to search, instead of type. Taking stock of the situation, companies are coming up better and improved voice technology. One that is high in accuracy as well as technology.

While following smart SEO techniques is one thing, SEO seekers and makers will now have to tune their technology. While there might be no direct implication, one should start thinking about optimizing searches based on how voice commands and colloquial tones work.

  1. 'AMP' up the optimized content:

Since mobile devices are reigning supreme right now, SEO will also heed to this trend. AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages, as an initiative, will now encourage and empower businesses to curate and create content that are exclusively optimized for mobile phones. So, SEO experts will now be required to provide a boost to the AMP content.

Sites would be required to load faster. The user experience on mobile devices will have to optimized. Slow-loading sites, especially on smartphones and tabs will experience a severe SERP hit. Efficient sites will help in gaining popularity and increase the stickiness factor.

  1. Think beyond keywords, think 'visuals':

It is an established and well accepted fact that visuals work more than words. So, going by this very thumbrule of content, there will be a phenomenal surge in the concept of visual searches. Time crunch, higher competition, too many options will lead consumers to pick brands that stand out. And what better way to do that than adding compelling visual to your content.

SEO bigwigs and popular SEO agencies believe that this concept of visual search will be big this year. Given that most consumers will engage and exchange with content that has visuals is evident enough. More so, for e-commerce in particular, high-quality visuals will be the winning points now.

  1. Something called the 'Schema' is becoming big:

This trend is spreading around like wild fire. Everyone is joining in. Technically, 'Schema Markup' makes it simpler for the understand and absorb the content and context of a particular website. It provides search engines with rich snippets, which is, the right kind of display information. Check out Google, you'll have rich snippets and smart/quick answers with every search results.

Claiming its position right at the top of search engine results, should become your SEO kryptonite this year. For anyone looking for swift results and quick answers, this trend is your thing. It would show all the required information in one place, and in a crisp manner.

  1. Search goes from Global to 'Local'

Not just local, hyper local in fact. All major SEO agencies will start to take note. While strategies and SEO lessons might be universal and unanimous to all kinds of business, the search engines result formulas are aiming for narrower and localized outcomes. For a consumer trying to search a certain service or product, the results would be further customized and reflect results relevant to their demography.

Proximity will play a key role. Quality and authenticity of search results will intensify. The need to provide relevant and usable information to the users will be more than ever. Algorithms will naturally evolve and results will hence get more specific.

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