Top 5 Strategies For Doing eCommerce Development The Right Way

Jun 9, 2017 11:54:06 AM / by Balamurugan

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Over the past decade, if you have been doing business online, then the chances are that you have regurgitated the phrase "eCommerce is the future of business." As eCommerce has become the face of shopping today, every business owner wants to develop a website for online buying/selling. However, developing an eCommerce website is a complicated task and must be done by an expert. Doing eCommerce website development the right way is the only way to build brands, attract visitors and maintain long lasting relationship with customers. Here are some tips to do eCommerce development the right way!

Plan a Development Strategy – Having a website strategy before starting to develop it is by far the most important decision you will make. Right from selecting a platform to hosting, to the initial coding - everything needs a proper plan. Few things you will have to discuss with your peers are – who are your customers? How to attract them? What are their products? What are their future development plans? In other words, a clear perception on site development will save you both time and cost.

Trust only the Experts – After fine tuning a website development plan, you should consider planned execution which will include registering a domain, selecting a shopping cart, logo design, setting up a payment option and implementing marketing, and advertising plans. eCommerce website design is an elaborated and complicated process, so your best bet would be to contact a reputed and trusted eCommerce website design company that can help in every phase of the development.

Implement Responsive Design – Last year Smartphones accounted for 52% of retail site visits globally, while 30% was generated through online shopping orders. Statistics also confirm that 40% of users will move to competitor's website after having a bad mobile shopping experience. Now that the major share of internet traffic appears from mobile devices, you must absolutely implement mobile responsive design to your eCommerce design. Make sure your navigation, contact forms, calls to action and other important links are primed for mobile viewing.

Focus on Content Marketing and PR – Serious eCommerce brands that want to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to online users should have significant content marketing and PR strategy to market their brand. Content-based marketing is crucial as it gets repeated over various social media and augments conversations, which is the best way to create buzz for a product or service. Having a positive PR strategy can encourage new shoppers and manage online reputation for a brand.

Don't forget SEO –Many eCommerce business owners are learning the art of optimizing their websites for search engines. The landscape of SEO is constantly evolving with technology and time, so it makes sense to have a solid SEO plan for your site. Optimizing a site would include everything from link building, image tagging, managing SERPs and placing keywords to designing a sitemap.

Today eCommerce website development is about being authentic, attractive and relevant to users. So, it's better to do a comprehensive research in selecting an eCommerce design company who can develop a site suitable for your business. For some excellent eCommerce solutions in Dubai

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Written by Balamurugan