Top 8 Digital Marketing trends to watch out for in 2019

Dec 4, 2018 10:42:13 AM / by Belmond Victor


It’s quite hard to ignore what the digital medium has done to marketing, elevating its influence and effectiveness on consumers to a whole new level. Digital marketing has become a level-pegging and constantly evolving landscape where communication and engagement techniques make the biggest commercial improvements for businesses, worldwide. This evolving nature comes with a constant transformation of how digital serves the marketing goals of a business, directly proportional to the changing tastes, preferences and behavioral patterns of the audience who reside in the digital space. With a new year that’s fast approaching, here are the top 8 trends that will help you stay strong at your digital marketing quarters, in 2019.

1) Chatbots

Chatbots draw a parallel line to AI being its offspring and hold a strong potential for 2019. Chatbots fuse AI technology with instant messaging, proactively engaging in conversations with visitors, with a view to convert them into potential customers and also actively service the existing pool. With 1.4 billion active users who interact with chatbots, 80% of businesses that operate on a digital level are expected to adopt this AI-based feature by 2020. It’s indeed the perfect time to automate the moderation process and proactively address your digital audience.        

2) Video Marketing

Video content has been one of the most preferred formats for consuming content since 2017, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn adding features to support and prioritize the format since mid-2018. Videos are here to stay and have increasingly been favored by platform algorithms to deliver more reach and engagement, when compared to other content formats. This includes live streaming. Statistics say that over 70% of users tend to share videos that deliver impactful content, resulting in a 72% increase in conversion rates for businesses around the world. Recent surveys also highlight that ~52% of consumers say that watching product videos boost their trust to make confident online purchases. An added 65% of this confident segment is more likely to engage with a business that produces live streaming video content. The preferred platforms for video marketing include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, which also host options to live stream video content. If your business hasn’t stepped into video marketing, it should wait no longer.

 3) Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is developing at a rapid pace, delivering a mix of both virtual and real worlds. Brands like Apple and Google are already investing in this technology through features like 3D photos and AR Stickers, to improve user engagement and introduce new user experiences. If you’ve noticed, Facebook has also introduced a 3D photo feature to improve the effectiveness of storytelling, through the platform. AR is definitely bound to stay as a long-standing anchor and a significant trend which will be leveraged in the coming year. It is to be noted that the revenue from AR is projected to be 4x more than the projections for VR, accounting to surpass $150 Billion, by 2020.


4). Voice Search

We are now in a time where people ask Alexa to hunt for recipes to cook their favourite dish and clarify TV broadcasting schedules via Google Voice Search or Siri. In short, we are now in a time when voice search is making businesses rethink their digital marketing techniques. This is a very important trend for 2019, with Google and Bing recording a total voice search share of 20% and 25%, respectively. Many brands have already started to include voice search in their digital marketing strategies to deliver engagement-driven content effectively to their customers. It’s essential that your business starts it too.       

5). Social Media Stories

Social media stories are the perfect avenue to deliver time-bound content pieces to an increased amount of users, backed with a high organic reach threshold. Debuting with Snapchat, stories have now become an essential part of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, compelling brands to provide fresh content on a daily basis because of their tendency to disappear after a set period of time. This also pushes the organic numbers higher, as consumers constantly live with the fear of missing out content from their favourite sources and hence make it a point to follow stories regularly.


6). Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is done by combining AI capabilities to the ad bidding process. Programmatic advertising has been developed to target specific audiences through real-time bidding values, which are much more efficient and fast than manual advertising techniques. This simply means higher conversions at lower customer acquisition costs. It is expected that almost 90% of the world’s digital display ads will become programmatic by 2020.

7) Advertising on Messaging Apps

The messaging apps segment is home to ~7 billion monthly active users, with Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat having more combined users than Facebook or YouTube. These compelling figures have been established to highlight the importance of why businesses need to be advertising on messaging applications as part of their digital marketing strategy, which is one of the top 7 trends to ride the digital marketing wave of 2019. Advertising on Messaging apps helps to engage with the customer in a more direct form, also opening gates to personalization and adding value to the user experience provided by the business. If you think that messaging apps are just for making plans with friends and sharing emojis, you need to think again!

8) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is definitely one of the burgeoning trends in the digital space and is bound to thrive quite exponentially in 2019. AI is perhaps the most suitable solution to bypass simple business processes that save costs and help accelerate business growth. AI studies consumer behavior and search patterns, utilizing data from social media and other digital platforms to help consumers meet their products and services, with accuracy. Gartner states that 25% of businesses that operate in the digital medium will make use of the AI technology by 2020.  

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