Top Digital Marketing Tips for Jewellery Brands

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No doubt, the rate at which marketing is shifting from traditional to digital is astonishingly alarming. This change is not limited to any particular industry as it cuts across every industry. The ever dynamic consumer behavior is controlling the way marketers are carrying out marketing services online and offline. The consumer pattern has changed the way marketing platforms are used in the promotion of products and services. Traditional marketing almost doesn’t work effectively again.

A more significant percentage of consumers have gone digital, and a good number of marketers as expected have simultaneously followed suit!

Finally, a level marketing ground has been provided for all levels of brands; multinationals, large, medium and small scale brands across all industries. The jewellery industry in Dubai and all around the world is not left out of this digital marketing revolution.

Not only are the bigwigs in the jewellery industry to benefit from the benefits of online marketing in the promotion of their products, but small and medium and large scale brands can also leverage online marketing techniques in brand promotion. Some high budget industries similar to the jewellery industry have adopted some channels of the internet for advertising and spreading awareness. While these channels may be readily available, many of these brands are underutilizing its potentials while some are not aware of the relevance of these digital marketing channels to jewellery brands.

In this post, we x-ray the top seven digital marketing tips for jewellery brands who wish to be ahead of others in the intensely competitive industry.

1. Get a website

To have a footprint online for your brand, you need to get a website today, right now! You need not just a site, but an updated and user-friendly website. A website says many things about your business to your potential customers and customers will judge your shop and your brand by the impression created by your website.

So, if you’re to get a website, there is a vital need to go for a site that has your contact information on all pages. Also, the website should be aesthetically appealing, modern, mobile compatible and SEO optimized.

Speaking about SEO optimization, let’s move on to the next tip.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve had a responsive, user-friendly and updated website for your jewellery brand created by an expert website development agency, you should work on search engine optimization. While a good website developer will develop the website using SEO standards, optimizing the website with SEO contents gives you an added advantage. With proper SEO, search engines will understand your site, rank it higher and help generate more customers for your brand.

3. Email Marketing

This tip might require something of you; collecting email addresses. While many might advise you to purchase an email list, DON’T! When you buy an email list, the people on your list are not members of your potential audience, so they’re likely to mark your email as spam.

Preferably, have a newsletter signup form on your website and in your shop. Explain to your customers what they can expect to receive in your emails and how often. It might take you a longer time, but you’ll get stellar results.

In emails you send out, include special offers, sales, related topics, funs features, etc. which will be of interest to your customers.

4. Blogging

Blogging! Just like this one you’re reading is an excellent supplementary marketing strategy for a jeweler’s website. It gives you a wide range of opportunities to drive more traffic to your site. A blog that’s regularly updated sends a strong signal to search engines who love to see blogs being updated.
Asides its search engine ranking benefits, blogging on your website helps establish your authority as an expert in the jewellery industry and highlights your selling propositions. Being a fun industry, running a blog keeps your audience engaged, informed and entertained.

5. Social Media

Social media’s importance in the propulsion of a brand name can never be overestimated. Being active on social media allows you to interact with your audience and increase your brand exposure. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can go a long way to take your business to a broader reach that you can’t reach through traditional means.

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6. Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay Per Click is a customizable form of paid advertising where you target an audience you wish to reach to with your marketing posts. In Pay Per Click, you get control of whom to target, where to focus and when your ads are shown.
It’s advised as an option of advertising for jewellery brands as it saves money; you only pay when someone clicks and views your advertisement. Through this means, you can gauge the success of various aspects of your campaign, thanks to the analytics available for review.

7. Storytelling

The list can’t be complete without mentioning an important and the most current converting form of engaging with customers and getting more sales. Storytelling!

Writing compelling stories that connect deeply with customers emotion makes your brand stick to the customers’ heart. Tell captivating, relatable stories with videos, high-quality images or written contents to captures viewers’ and readers’ attention and arouse curiosity in them; thus promoting your brand in a competitive market.

Conclusively, being unique in the industry not only stands you out of the competition but also helps you get seen above others, get you more conversions and increase your sales.

For questions, guidance or assistance on how to leverage any of the above listed top seven digital marketing tips for jewellery brands, contact Wisoft Solutions for top-quality services at competitively affordable prices.

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