Top Health Care/Hospitals In Dubai Dominating Social Media

Sep 5, 2017 4:47:56 PM / by Mubarak Basha

hospitals dominating social media

The impact of social media in our lives has increased very quickly. As a brand, if you want to keep your business going and the audience engaged, then your company’s social media presence is considered very important and mandatory. The best part about being active on social media is, at any given point, you can interact with your audience through the various ways that are available. Social media is the simpler way to let your followers keep track of what is going on with the brand. A large amount of information must be provided in all the handles to keep the engagement going. As a result, brands have started taking social media very seriously. We were astonished by seeing how most of the hospitals/healthcare in Dubai are tremendously active on social media. All of the below-mentioned healthcare/hospitals from Dubai are ranked the top 9 in the list.

  1. Aster DM health care

aster dm healthcare

With one of the best teams in place, Aster Healthcare manages to top the list with more than 70k likes on Facebook and more than 4k followers on twitter. Their recent posts show their participation for the World Humanitarian Day.

Facebook – 707k

Twitter – 4k

  1. NMC Healthcare

nmc healthcare

NMC strives to be one of the most active pages on Facebook. They have 47k likes on Facebook followed by more than 1k followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Their feed is filled with tips and tricks to lead a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Facebook – 477k

Instagram – 1.5k

Twitter – 1.1k

  1. Al-Zahra


Al-Zahra's page is filled with interesting facts about the body and how to take care of it along with videos of happy and satisfied customers sharing their story with Al-Zahra. They have a tremendous amount of engagement on their Facebook page with more than 27k likes.

Facebook – 247k

Instagram – 1k

Twitter – 453

  1. Zulekha


Their page clearly motivates you to exercise every day and keep your body active and fit. Their posts are all about the best practices to follow to maintain a healthy body. Also, something which we can implement in our everyday rituals.

Facebook – 246k

Instagram – 4k

Twitter – 3.7k

  1. Mediclinic


Mediclinic makes sure that their followers get what they want. You can find videos of doctors discussing the pain points and their solutions making it easier for everyone. They are very active on twitter as well with 10k followers.

Facebook – 216k

Instagram – 1.6k

Twitter – 10k

  1. American Hospital

american hospital

They constantly keep updating their feed with what’s new and what is going on at their end, keeping the audience engaged with photos and videos. Also, their Basketball Team recently won in the Inter-Hospital Jazzville Basketball League. Now and then they keep posting interviews on Q&A with their in-house doctors.

Facebook – 165k

Instagram - 844

Twitter – 1.5k

  1. Aster Hospital

aster hospital

Aster's Facebook feed features videos of Doctors discussing various topics on how to take care of your body the right way. They also post updates on visiting doctors along with the timings and date.

Facebook – 63k

Twitter - 467

  1. Moorfields Eye hospital

moorefields eye hospital

In their Facebook feed, you can find various ways to take care of your eyes. They mostly post about everything related to the eyes and symptoms.

Facebook – 43k

Instagram - 836

Twitter – 405

  1. Burjeel hospital

burjeel hospital

Burjeel's feed keeps reminding you what is best for your body and what is not. Their posts are extremely informative. They have more than 26k likes on Facebook and they are equally active on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Facebook – 26k

Instagram – 3.4k

Twitter – 1.1k

  1. Thumbay Hospital

thumbay hospital

Thumbay's Facebook feed includes pictures of all the on-going activities at the hospital, highlighting the speech given by their guest doctors and their in-house doctors.

Facebook – 15.6k

Instagram – 821

Twitter – 95

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