Using Two Way SMS To Enhance Customer Service In Automotive Industry

Jul 7, 2017 11:02:08 AM / by Belmond Victor

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It is a given fact that when communicating with customers, text messaging is more appropriate than email. Whereas the open rate for email is a mere 22%, for SMSes, it is as high as 90%. SMSes are also opened within the first 90 seconds of being delivered. One should also consider than most of the adult population across nations own a cell phone which are text message enabled.

2 way SMS services can be used to ensure speedy resolution of customer service related issues. The content of the service must be personalized to make it relevant to customers and to keep them engaged. But there is a flip side as well – your business should have sufficient bandwidth to support 2 Way SMS engagement. The response time to queries from customers must be addressed within a certain time frame, else you could land up losing the customer instead of wowing him.

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Two way SMS in the Automotive industry

Every industry including the Automotive sector is striving hard to enhance customer service and gain an edge over their competitors. Two way SMS is capable of making the car servicing and sales process interactive and efficient.  There are several ways in which car service centers and dealerships can use two way SMS to communicate with customers.

In terms of servicing, short code SMS can be used to remind customers when their car is due for servicing. Customers can respond by booking the car service timing or with any other questions they may have. On completion of the service, the customer can be sent a survey poll to check on their level of satisfaction. This too can be achieved using two way or short code SMS.

So that customers can take better care of their vehicles, service centers can regularly share tips with customers on when to check tyre pressure and oil levels, remind them of warranty expirations dates, due dates for lease payments, etc. as well as other safety tips.

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In terms of sales, car dealership companies can share new car launch details including videos and get prospective customers to book a test drive. Using short code SMS, customers can also be enticed with reward programmes, discount coupons and seasonal offers. Invites for upcoming events can also be sent using the same technology.

Bulk SMS technology in the Automotive industry can help in building trust and transparency between customers and the business. It enhances the customer service experience and can be an effective feedback tool particularly for handling customer complaints. This technology allows car service agencies and dealerships to receive customer responses for the promotional campaigns, ask questions or even log complaints. If handled well, the car service center or dealership will come across as dedicated to adding value to its customers and committed to continuous improvement it services for customer satisfaction. It makes the customers feel special and there is no denying that a customer who feels well-treated is loyal to the brand and willing to ignore small inconveniences if any.

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