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Dec 26, 2019 10:00:30 AM / by Mari Muthu

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On the Google search engine, statistics show that almost 40,000 search queries are being searched every second.  That comes up to 3.5 billion searches in one single day. If your business relies on online searches, then it is important that you turn up as the first few search results of the page. Data shows that the first page of Google gets 95% of the traffic while the rest of the 5% traffic for the rest of the pages. Hence the competition is no doubt fierce but having a good search performance will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

A good online presence is also required because almost 90% of all the total experiences come or begin from somewhere online. Thus one google search is also one of your potential customers the top 10 links have a 33% chance of getting clicked and hence you should aim for the first result always and utilise SEO, Search Engine Optimization. The correct SEO shall open your door to the correct audience and this increases your organic performance both in the terms of reach and rankings. Below are a few tips on how to increase your organic performance.


Create Quality Content

 A website with good quality content will improve the amount of time an average viewer spends on your website and this will help to improve your audience when they will spend a lot of time reading your content. Another way is to create fresh content from time to time which will attract the old audience back yo the website and also has a chance of bringing on new people. As more and more people come to your website, they will start to bookmark your page and this also helps to improve your SEO rankings. Almost 72% of all the online marketers prefer new content creation or with regular intervals to improve the organic reach of a website.


Avoid Plagiarism at all costs

SEO revolves around uniqueness of every article and thus it is important that your article is plagiarism free and unique. Not only its unique nature will help you to improve your SEO rankings but also attract new viewers to your website. People like to see new and fresh content and this is one of the key factors which brings back people to your website. If they also see that you are blatantly copying from another website, then they will eventually stop coming to your website and this will bring down your website performance.


A fast page load time is crucial

If your webpage takes a lot of time to load up, then it can have two major harmful effects. First, the web crawler detects it and this decreases your site's organic ranking and secondly, due to slow loading time, you will get fewer customer conversions and it will increase the abandonment rate of your website. The second factor will also fuel the first factor and when visitors abandon your website and it will affect your search engine rankings. Statistics show that 40% of the people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load up and 80% of the people never come back to the website. Thus if you keep your page optimised, you will get a higher percentage of the visitors to come back to your page and this will improve your organic performance. Thus you should prioritise page optimisation and faster load times. You can use image optimisation technique and often it has been found that high-resolution images bring down the website load time for many users and encourage them to come back from time to time to your website.


Image optimization

A good website must have attractive images which can capture the attention of the audience and make then stay. But the high resolution of the images can also become a problem and cause the page to load slowly. There are various ways to improve and optimise the loading time and the picture size and format play an important role in improving the organic reach of the website. You can either compress or resize the image to decrease the resolution a bit and thus improve the optimisation of the page. Other small details like image title, alternative title and description and captions also play an important role in tying the image with the content and this helps to improve the SEO of the website.


Strategise your keyword research

Keywords are the actual main pillars of SEO and they determine how good your article is in terms of SEO. There are many online available keyword tools which help you determine the main keywords and according to that, you can choose other sub-keywords to make your article even better. You should try to use the keywords and sub-keywords as smoothly as possible in your text as this will help the search engine to find your article more easily and effectively increase your organic rank. Studies have been shown that articles which are around 2000 to 2500 words have a greater chance of having a good rank on the SEO as it is big enough to insert more keywords and sub-keywords and also outbound links in it. These outbound links help to create authenticity and improve the organic ranking of the webpage by linking it with other websites.  Long articles also improve the amount of time a user spends on your website which helps it's SEO rankings


The importance of Outbound links

Outbound links help to prove the authenticity of your data and the readers and google both like to see it as a source of authentic data when you include links to the original source in the article. This boosts the rankings of the page and the more you link, the better but do not overdo it. You can link to recent articles also which will increase the credibility of your website but at the same time, you need to fix broken links from your website and keep updating them. As when you leave a broken link, it not only irritates the user but also googles takes it as a sign that the webpage has been kept neglected for long and thus this decreases the organic rankings of the page as Google tries to keep only authentic and latest news about a topic. Thus you should check for broken links in your website and always keep it updated. This will help the website relevant and up to date.


Create an attractive and smart Meta Description

 When someone searches something on the google, the links are given as a result and with them comes a meta description of the website below the link. The matching words are then highlighted for more relevance and this can affect the click-through rate of a website as the user will judge based on the meta description and the bold words as to how accurate it is with the item he or she was searching about. Thus you should form a short and crisp meta description of all the important points of the content.


Use proper header tags

You should use header tags to enhance the readability of the article by dividing it into paragraphs and then use proper formatting to make it appealing to the eyes. You can also insert keywords into your header file and this will help to increase your organic reach as google prefers websites which have their keywords in their headings. This helps to improve your website rankings by a lot.


Good Formatting can make all the difference

Imagine if you put up two websites with the same content but with different formatting styles, like one is a simple format and the other is beautifully decorated. This can make all the difference to the user. A simple design can boost the SEO rankings of a page but it might fail to grab the users attention. Keeping your content short and clean with proper spacing helps to improve its readability and makes the content better to read and look at it. It visually appeals to your eyes and visitors like to come back to such websites regularly which helps to improve the organic rank of your website. Bullet point and checklists help to improve the clarity of the page. Header tags are there to highlight the keywords. One should not overdo the pictures or formatting as that might have a negative effect on the organic reach.


How various companies are leveraging on various techniques to increase their organic reach.

Some companies like Coca-Cola took the opportunity of the World Kindness day where they used the hashtag #RefreshtheFeed where they flooded the social media with 100 pieces of content which were created inhouse by their team. The goal was to make the 8 million followers engage in their posts and interact with them which will potentially bring more customers through likes or shares. This helped them to reach 500,000 of their fans organically each day through all their social platforms. These tips and tricks used by various multinational companies can be used by smaller businesses from similar or different niche to come up with creative ways to increase their organic reach. This will help it to stay at the top and improve the visitor's list and draw more people to it. You should keep the topic as short and crisp with proper formatting and suitable images and keywords in the website. The load time of the page should not exceed 3 seconds and you should optimise your webpage and compress and appropriately label the images. The reason why these strategies are so crucial towards the success of your marketing and engagement processes lies in the recent market research that observes the trends and behaviour patterns of the modern customers.

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