What content marketing formats are working in 2019?

Apr 8, 2019 10:00:17 AM / by Krithika Ramani


You’ve heard that ‘Content is King’ but have you heard that ‘effective Content Marketing is akin to a series of victorious conquests’?  Content Marketing is indeed one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques, delivering more leads at a lower cost than most other methods. Did you just pause to understand how Content Marketing has evolved from just ‘Blogging’ and ‘Email Marketing’?

Today, content stands for a plethora of things, one of them being supporting every stage of the buyer’s journey. This implies that for content marketing to produce business results, content teams will have to create more content in various consumable formats - for the middle and the end of the buyer’s journey as well instead of only focusing on top-of-the-funnel acquisitions.

Content formats have been progressing over the years. While the dominance of text-based content is gradually decreasing, video content has skyrocketed in its impact. Voice-based content is rapidly picking up the pace and image-based content is, of course, evergreen.

In order to thrive, Content Marketers are pressurized with the task of creating content exceptional content. What if there was an easier way to cracking the content formats that would bring guaranteed business results? Here’s a list of the most engaging and trending content formats to help you get better ROI from your content strategy for 2019.

  • Long Form Articles

Although the relevance of text-based content is being questioned, their importance cannot be undermined, mainly because they are the most affordable to produce. However, potential customers and readers looking for information can see through keyword-stuffed, faffy blogs in a jiffy. So, if you must go verbal, why not focus on longer articles that add more value to the readers? People benefit from them and love sharing them social media, resulting in more traffic on your website.

Long form content calls for original in-depth research, assimilation skills and articulation abilities. An alternative is to curate existing content, add on to it and produce something better and fresher. Guides and e-books like Moz’s website migration guide are the most common long-form articles.

There’s just one issue - producing in-depth research can be quite time-consuming. But the output and its impact are definitely worth the effort.

  • Images and Infographics

A picture speaks a thousand words. Clichéd, we agree, but without an image, most short-form content is rather useless. When was the last time you shared a social media post without an image? If you are working within a tight deadline or budget, small illustrations or image breakouts are a great way to communicate effectively despite having a text-heavy piece. You can also cost-effectively repurpose these into captivating social media assets to drive better social engagement.

The audience today has a short-attention-span - they like seeing volumes of data compiled into interesting reports in easy-to-consume formats. Enter infographics! Popular since they compile overwhelming data into digestible icons, graphics, and charts, infographics communicate to-the-point and appeal to the busy digital media audiences. If you are taking the infographic route, don’t forget that the visuals and information need to be exciting, reliable and presented in a chronological flow. Interactive infographics are the in thing in 2019! They allow a viewer to dynamically input data and tweak the output to display a personalized version of the infographic.

  • Video

Videos are tried, tested and proven ways of attracting attention online. Vlogs (video blogs), Video interviews, Tutorials, Explainer Videos, Videos of presentations, Product demos and reviews, Video testimonials, recordings of live streams, Video ads, are just some of the many formats that contribute to business revenue.

There are multitudes of ways in which you can use video as a part of your content marketing efforts - use an explainer video to introduce people to how your business works, create a video showcasing features of products/services, shoot tutorials or stepwise guide to something. 

Aside from pre-planned and pre-shot videos, live videos that picked pace in 2018 will continue to thrive in 2019 as well. Live video enables brands to hear directly from the audience and interact with them in real time, showing a real, honest and approachable brand. Marketers can schedule their live videos in advance, promote them to the audience, and take questions from them on the go. Live videos are a great format for hosting interviews and Q&As and providing tutorials. A live video can be repurposed as yet another piece of content that can be shared and promoted to those who missed watching it.

  • Quizzes and Polls

Looking for a fun, interactive way to engage with your customers? Consider quizzes are polls. They combine a few minutes of entertainment with the appeal of learning a little more about the brand. Quizzes and polls on Instagram stories are especially going to be a big trend in 2019, engaging intensively with followers. The tricky thing, however, is to keep the content of these quizzes and polls relevant to your brand whilst piquing the curiosity of your viewers. Explore away!

  • Podcasts

It’s a busy world. We live in a culture where typing or reading are considered way more time consuming than asking aloud and listening. That’s where the appeal of podcasts lies. While other content formats require complete attention, podcasts allow for multitasking, allowing you to listen while commuting, jogging, cooking or even while working. A whopping 67 million+ people say they listen to podcasts every month, implying a clear business opportunity in the coming years. Produce valuable content as podcasts that your audience will want to listen to at their convenience. You can also repurpose existing content in other formats into podcasts.

  • User-Generated Content

User-generated content is perhaps the most difficult to obtain content format, but hey, good things don’t come easy! If you already have a community that constantly engages with your website, it’s rather easy to bring in user-generated content. Run customer surveys to learn more about your community, start a contest or a hashtag challenge, ask customers to share their story and get visitors can submit ideas and recommendations. Publishing such content will increase your brand’s credibility and will lead to more sales in the future. If you observe good interaction, people are enjoying contributing to your content bank so keep doing it on a regular basis. 

Wisoft’s wealth of expertise in the content marketing domain helps us come up with the best content marketing strategies for our clients. We work with you to understand your business needs and come up with innovative content formats that work best for you. Call us on +971 4 321 0710 or email us, and we’ll tell you more.

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