What Does The Ecommerce Industry Will Look Like In 2022

May 10, 2017 3:24:00 PM / by Venkateswaran

ecommerce industry in 2022

The world of Ecommerce is growing at an exceptional rate and technology is playing a major role. Fresh business models are evolving, which is influencing customer's behaviour and expectations. While, the future of ecommerce might be uncertain, there are still some things such as improvement in customer service, product selection and delivery time will remain constant. Here are some trends that will shape the ecommerce industry's landscape by 2022.


In the next few years ecommerce industry will see greater personalization to offer better consumer experience. Techniques such as SEO, targeting and re-targeting will be of much more importance. Also, more and more people will use Modern Keywords to target and retarget their specific customer base. Many companies will be investing in ecommerce website design to attain greater personalization.


There are no doubts that as technology grows, things like delivery times, user experience, customer service and product options and selections will grow. Ecommerce website development company will perk their payment models and options to make it more flexible to match the customer’s requirement.

AI Systems

Today, customers already enjoy the luxury of different apps that integrate with each other to provide the best available customer experience. However, with the rapid growth in technology; this only promises to grow. The next steps, will be AI that will use math to provide the best results.

Pop Shops

Pop up shops will be the thing of the future. This is where the ecommerce website development companies can showcase their product and connect with the consumer directly. This will take away the advantage that retailers have of customers being able to actually see and touch the products.

Cross-channel Marketing

We know that it is probably unlikely that a user will buy items from only one device; given the number of device options people have. With this growing, analytics of buys will happen across all devices with increased personal targeting; using marketing techniques like digital marketing including content marketing and SMS marketing.

Integration of online and offline retail

With technology advances, it's safe to say that the divide between retail and online will considerably shrink. This will lead to further customization of sale and customization of the shop itself in terms of customer experience.

Customer Data Gathering

Data is everything, and innovators are finding new and more innovative ways to gather consumer data. The more sellers learn about their buyers; the better they will be able to service them. Consumer behaviour, consumer shopping behaviour, real-time engagement to understand customer needs, customer engagement; all of these will take precedence over the old model of just selling to the buyer. This, though increasing, will become more important to ecommerce companies and will be more accessible with the technologies that are changing rapidly.

Some good news for Dubai ecommerce companies, given that it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets and, the UAE is predicted to continue to be the world's largest retail ecommerce market, because of its sheer size and demand. This means that ecommerce is going to see a lot of growth and innovation in the years to come and more players are going to arrive in the market as marketers and retailers find better ways to target their customers.

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