What Your Competitor Can Teach About SEO? Know the 7 Things.

Nov 11, 2016 3:50:20 PM / by Fazill

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Wondering why studying competitors' SEO strategy is been stressed about a lot? The insights and inferences that you will be deriving out of it will help your business to formulate a successful SEO strategy.

Explore the 7 things that your competitor can teach you about SEO.

1. Choice of keywords chosen for optimization

By closely analyzing and studying the competitors' pages, you can zero in on the keywords that are targeted and subsequently been incorporated into their pages. Get to know the keyword type that has been chosen. Most specifically, search volume, competition level, and long tail or short tail keywords. Identify the extent to which they have added keywords in all the pages. Then compare it with your keyword strategy and discover the new set of prospective keywords that you can target.

2. Reputation

Find out the reputation of your competitor. Reputation matters the most if your business is solely customer centric. Let's presume that you are a restaurateur. Customer reviews matter the most for your business. So as to drive more check-ins, positive online reviews are critical. Keeping that in mind, you can figure out how your competitor is responding to customer queries irrespective of whether it is positive or negative.

3. Nature of content

Building brand awareness, enhancing organic traffic and increased SERP rankings – all these are solely dependent on the content that is being published. Churning out high-quality content is extremely critical for all these stuff. In fact, through content, driving quality traffic is very much feasible. Identify the competitor's content strategy, the way they have built the content, and figure out the loopholes. Upon gaining a clear understanding, brainstorm to evolve a content strategy that addresses the loopholes or shortfalls thereby the capitalizing on the competitor's weakness.

4. Kind of blog postings

Success in SEO doesn't merely depend on keywords. There are a lot of allied components. And, one such component is a blog. What should you look for while analyzing competitor's blogging strategy?

  • Frequency of blog postings
  • Nature of blog content
  • Is the content unique, resourceful and informative?
  • Is the content relevant to the target audience of the business?

Find out if the competitor is social syndicating the blog content, and decipher the interactions happening in the blog in the form of comments.

5. The greatness of Link building strategy

Your competitors can teach some of the successful and winner link building strategies. Definitely, this is going to be of great help to your business. Find out how relevant their links are, how they have structured their internal link building strategy. Get to know the high-authority backlinks of competitors. Also, gain a clear understanding of their backlink sources and the strategy behind it. There are noteworthy to identify the backlinks of competitors. Through this, you can identify the potential link building opportunities for your SEO optimization process and build a solid SEO strategy that is bound to offer traction in the long run.

6. Meta Elements

Title tags are extremely crucial for your pages as they effectively communicate the kind of content incorporated in the respective page to users and search engines. Identify the top-notch competitor and decipher the way they have built the title and meta tags of their top-ranking pages. This will give you an inference to adopt the best practices in framing title and meta tags for your pages. Ensure that the title tag is unique for all pages at any cost.

7. Social Signals

These days' search engines attach much credence to social signals. Choose a competitor who is strong in attracting social signals and explore the strategy behind it.  Monitor the strategy that they following to ensure active social presence. Identify the total number of fans, posts per week/month, kind of content published, best performing content and fan engagement ratio. By identifying these metrics of competitors, you will be in a position to come up with a strategy through which your business can drive maximum social signals thereby influencing one of the factors for increased SERP rankings.

In order to ensure that you are adopting the latest SEO techniques for your optimization process, analyze and study the competitor SEO strategy for gaining crucial insights.

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