Why Does SMS Marketing Continue To Be The Numero Uno In Connecting With Customers?

Dec 14, 2016 2:23:53 PM / by Belmond Victor

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You give your prospects flyers, brochures, pamphlets or any promotional copy. Nothing is going to excite and impress them, as they are least interested to scan through lengthy promotional copies. Modern-day prospects/customers are preoccupied with many things. Unless and otherwise, you convey your message in a concise manner, your attempts to connect with the target audience is going to be a futile one. And, that's where the power of SMS marketing comes into play.

It is estimated that the global population has clocked 7.5 billion. Another surprising statistic is that of the number of mobile devices in use, which is pegged to be around 7.7 billion. This clearly exemplifies the enormous scope that every business can derive by leveraging the power of SMS marketing to establish a connection with the prospects/customers.

Finding the Golden hour- The crucial factor to connect with customers

Research findings of IDC clearly state that, smartphone users tend to use the device all through their daily activities. It goes on to say that almost 79% of the users keep their turned-on phones close to them for at least two hours in a day. And, that two hours could possibly be the golden hours for your business, which can be tapped to your favor. This finding brings to light the importance of executing the SMS campaign at the right time. As a business, you ought to decipher the right time for executing the SMS campaign so as to attain the objective.

The research findings of Marketo Mobile Benchmark Survey indicate that 31% of smartphone users receive SMS ranging between one to five per month from one single brand. And, another 23% of users confess to receiving more than 20 SMS in a month. These findings give us a clear inference on how competitive SMS marketing is. At the end, the objective is simple with this marketing technique. To reach out to the prospects or customers in the shortest possible time.

How do customers react to marketing SMS?

Contrary to the perception marketing SMSes is well received by varied customer groups. Following are some of the statistics that justifies positive customer response to SMS.

  • Research insight by Go Mobile suggests that coupons delivered through SMS attract high redemption rates which are ten times higher compared to printed coupons.
  • A study conducted by an independent agency found that 50% of the consumers opt to initiate purchase upon receiving SMS from their preferred brands.
  • The open rate of SMS is estimated to be 98%.

The above statistics clearly reveal customer's preference to text message.

SMS Marketing- The cost-effective tool for generating leads and driving sales

Many perceive SMS marketing to be an old-age marketing technique. In reality, it isn't so. The success of  SMS marketing campaign depends on its execution strategy and how well it is personalized for the target audience group. A well-strategized SMS campaign will give rich dividends in the form of increased lead acquisition, better customer engagement, and enhanced sales.

For an illustration purpose, let's consider real estate industry. Practically, it's not that easy to close a sale in real estate business. It involves more of personalized customer interaction since the amount to be invested in getting hold of the end product is huge. From a real estate agency's point of view, inventory has to be sold out as fast as possible, if not, overheads tend to increase. With factors like these under their fold, SMS marketing would be the best choice to increase the lead generation process and to drive sales. Moreover, they can sell homes faster, update prospects on property details, interact with customers and cut down on the cost incurred in creating flyers and other promotional copies.

Below, we highlight how different industries can leverage the potential of SMS marketing to grow the business.

  1. Real Estate Industry

real estate sms marketing

Maintaining good rapport with the potential buyer is extremely critical for a real estate broker or for the agency concerned. A prospective buyer might have inquired with you about a property. But, he/she would not have been interested to buy it. You just can't leave them like that. As a broker or real estate agency, you need to be in touch with them on a steady basis. SMS marketing can be deployed to

  • Share information about properties
  • Notify about special offers
  • Constantly update the buyers on upcoming properties
  • Remind about the forthcoming property sales
  • Notify payment reminders
  1. Retail Industry

retail sms marketing

There is no other industry that gets benefited from SMS marketing as like retail industry. Retailers meticulously leverage the power of SMS to increase the sales. Perhaps, it can also be used to increase the awareness about the brand, product or service. Communicating an in-store special offer or sale through SMS is the most personalized way to reach customers. Through SMS, retailers can send personalized coupon codes or enable customers to create generic discount code.

Retail industry can capitalize the power of SMS to inform prospective buyers about

  • New product arrival
  • Availability status of new stock
  • Festive greetings
  • Offers, discounts and coupon codes
  • Payment status
  • Delivery status
  1. Healthcare Industry

healthcare sms marketing

A survey conducted a reputed international research agency states that mobile technology is playing a pivotal role in enabling people to stay healthy, and to taking preventive measures against diseases. Hospitals can keep the patients posted on various fronts through SMS. Health care facilities can utilize SMS marketing for the following aspects

  • To provide health and fitness tips
  • To remind about appointments
  • To update the test results
  • To provide additional information on dosage
  • To remind about expiration details of mediation
  1. Travel Industry

travel sms marketing

For the travel industry, SMS marketing is one such powerful marketing medium to reach out to prospects. Special holiday offers can be sent to existing customers as well as to prospective travelers. Travel agents can send SMS to customers on

  • Special holiday packages
  • Booking confirmation
  • Expiration of last minute deals or offers
  • Thank you message
  • Acknowledging their queries/feedback

Industry specific SMS communication strategy should be chalked out after taking various factors into consideration. Most specifically, a thorough understanding on the target audience response to various marketing techniques is essential. If your business intends to utilize the expertise of SMS marketing service provider, do check the ability of the provider in evolving a result-driven SMS communication strategy. The strategy formulated should definitely enable industries to leverage text communication for improving the business prospects.

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