Why Is SMS Preferred Over Push Notifications?

Sep 16, 2016 11:13:24 AM / by Belmond Victor

SMS marketingProd any modern day mobile user. You will be surprised to hear their confession expressing displeasure for both SMS and push notification. Why so? It is because of the increased frequency with which brands trigger its promotional message to their phones. However, SMSes are loved by many users. Frankly speaking, there is no major difference observed between SMS and Push Notifications. Indeed, a single point of contrast lies in the manner in which both these options function.

Let's explore in the below lines why SMS is very much preferred over push notifications.

1. Wider reach guaranteed with SMS

SMS undoubtedly has a wider reach when compared with push notifications. Moreover, it can be sent to any number of mobiles, whereas the latter can be triggered only through apps. In order, to receive a push notification one should download the app and accept the push notification invitation.With SMS, it’s all simple. Text messages can be triggered to anyone owning a mobile phone regardless of the mobile type. Just by subscribing for promotional offers or by giving consent to receive the updates from the brand, one can receive SMS.

2. SMS is conversation-centric

SMS offers privilege to readers in the form of giving the option to reply back to the message, whereas with push notification, it is no way possible. This single factor augurs well for SMS. Push notifications are generally a one-way communication, that deprives readers with an inability to revert back to the message. And, this aspect makes it less interactive. On the other hand, push notification acts as a reminder for a user to open the app. Through SMS, brands can increase its engagement rate and foster a healthy relationship with the customers. SMS offers scope to customize the message and provides sufficient room for the brand to acquire more users. According to research statistics, SMS has recorded 95% open rate, thus making it a more favorable option especially for brands intending to reach out to a broad segment of the audience.

3. Enhanced Flexibility with SMS

When it comes to flexibility both SMS and Push notification carries the same weightage. In fact, both options offer leeway to personalize the message and target it to the respective user. In push notifications, sender name will be the name of the app, whereas in SMS, the text can be signed off with the name of an individual who represents the brand. Through this, brands can showcase a personalized feel. Such personalized SMS command high open rate.For sharing confidential data, there is no better option other than SMS. A user feels so convinced to receive vital information through a personalized SMS.

A quick look at the some of the statistics that justifies SMS as the numero uno when it comes to communicating messages.

  • 67 text messages per day- Number of messages exchanged between millennials
  • 70% of the smartphone owners use their phones to text
  • 55% of those who text intensely like to have the message communicated over an SMS rather through a phone call
  • 90 seconds- Average time to respond to a text
  • 98%- Open rate for SMS
  • 45%- Response rate for SMS
  • 3 minutes is the time taken by a mobile phone user to read 90% of all text messages
  • 5 seconds- Average time taken to read a single SMS
  • Millennials like SMS over automated IVR calls
  • Sales prospects targeted through SMS are likely to get converted at a rate of 40%

SMS marketing still rules chart given the personalized feel it offers to readers. Businesses wanting to tap new markets as well to retain existing customers can use SMS marketing to meet their objective and command the growth prospects in a positive direction.

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