Why Short Code SMS Is An Apt Choice

Apr 17, 2017 11:02:32 AM / by Belmond Victor

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Businesses today strive and stride on smart marketing strategies. The more you go pro modern, the more your business will flourish and get noticed by the right audience. While any plan and medium of digital marketing are hugely beneficial for every nature of business, over investing without proper planning can proper extensive and fruitless. This is why, tailor-made strategies, designed specifically to suit your audience and business is the right move.

More so, if you are a young business trying to crack it in the big hungry corporate space, wise investments are the key. The latest and safest strategy that is picking up popularity straight off the bat is Short Code SMS services.

What are Short Code Services used for?

These popular and widely used services are most often value added facilities for mobiles, TV promotions, ordering services from applications, making donations and express interest in campaigns such as charities and more. These special and unique mobile numbers are bought from services providers and used to send SMS and MMS messages for specific promotional and business needs. These facilitate 2 way SMS can help the business to gain an immediate consumer reaction.

Why Short Code SMS Services a smart option?

To define it, short code SMS services are nothing but the text that sent using a smart and short telephone number. These crisp and fewer digit numbers are easy to read, remember and reply to. Not just these, there are other distinct characteristics of short code SMS that makes for a sure shot digital marketing success story. Here are a few highlights for of short code SMS services for starters:

  1. Covers larger demography
  2. Substantial and recognised Brand Equity
  3. Comes with auto-reply options
  4. Easy for customers to remember
  5. Option to trigger URL
  6. Functions through one central administrator
  7. Cost effective marketing tool
  8. Provision to employ gateway to send bulk SMS

These are few prominent features that make short code SMS an instant favourite of every digital marketing expert. In this era where digital marketing is the go-to strategy for every novice marketer, benefits of Short code SMS services has made it an instant. So, if you choose to include this time-tested strategy in your next digital marketing plan, there are few more things you'll need to consider. For starters, you’ll need to select between the two kinds of short SMS services that you'll have to choose from:

  1. Shared Service - As the name suggests, this service includes sending Short Code SMS using a number that is prospectively shared by one or more businesses.
  2. Dedicated Service - Exclusive SMS Short Codes that can be used only by the business that has bought it. A little on the expensive side, this option is great if you choose to run an extensive campaign with numerous chapters.

How to pick the right Short Code SMS service provider?

With so many service providers it the market, it can get tricky to pick a Short Code SMS service there are, both, reliable and effective. So, if you expect to make the most out of this marketing tool, do an adequate amount of homework and opt for a renowned and seasoned provider. The best way to do so is to search for providers that offer SMS gateway online. Once you pick the top five, quickly go through their previous projects and read through client reviews. Doing so will help you gain perspective and a better understanding of what the provider can offer.

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